25 H OSPITAL I NSURANCE An accident, an illness or a period of hospitalisation can lead to significant health care costs for which the mutuelle 12 will cover on the first instance as part of social security coverage. However this compensation may not cover all the associated costs. Therefore it is possible to take out additional insurance with your mutuelle . More information can be found in the chapter on Health Care. With regards to additional hospitalisation insurance, the Student Services staff (for PHD students) or the Service social du Personnel (for postdoctoral researchers) can provide you with information on certain benefits for ULiège personnel. 4.12. SOME TIPS BEFORE SIGNING A CONTRACT You will be required to a sign a contract in order to be insured. Before signing, here are a few precautions for the policyholder:  Read the contract in its entirety, including the fine print.  Signing an insurance contract means accepting all the conditions listed. Any questions or concerns shoud be addressed before signing.  Research and compare policies offered by different companies, consider what is covered, the premiums to be paid, the extent of the coverage provided, the total amount of the deductible, etc Be careful! The same risks may be covered in different policies. For example, travel insurance may already be covered by the car insurance policy; theft within a housing unit is often covered by fire insurance; theft of a motor vehicule is covered by supplementary car insurance, etc Before enrolling in an additional policy, check to ensure coverage is not already offered under other contracts. For your information: ETHIAS Affinity has several options offered at a discounted rate for ULiège staff. All you need is a University ID (it is a personal identification code starting with u followed by six numbers) . To find out more: MyULiège > Personnel ( Staff) > Intranet ARH> Santé ( Health) > Assurances ( Insurances ). 12 The various Belgian health insurance plans, known as a mutuelle , are state sponsored and are mandatory for residents wishing to receive Belgian health cover. After joining, patients will typically be reimbursed between 50 and 75% of their medical costs by their chosen Belgian mutuelle ( health insurance Company).