Prof. Fabrice BUREAU

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Université de Liège - Rectorat

Place du 20-Août, 7 (Bât. A1)
4000 Liège

+32 (4) 366 32 14

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The Vice-Rector for Research proposes and implements the institutional research policy. In this capacity, he chairs the University Council for Research and Development (CURV), and acts in consultation with the various research councils and with the support of the ARD. In particular, the Vice-Rector for Research:

  • proposes the composition and missions of the internal bodies in charge of research;
  • ensures that the internal funding of institutional research is balanced, through an optimised use of specific funds and subsidies, and maintains the diversity of research while promoting innovative and ambitious projects;
  • defends the interests of the Institution's researchers with the political authorities and the relevant administrations (e.g. FNRS, University Departments and Services);
  • ensures that the management of research staff is optimised and that the status of staff members is in line with the prescribed missions;
  • ensures the simplification of internal administrative procedures related to research activities;
  • ensures that the evaluation of research for appointments and promotions is fair;
    represents the Institution at the relevant bodies.

Research Validation

It is also the responsibility of the Vice-Rector for Research to ensure, with the help of the Interface, that the scientific discoveries made within the Institution are validated in the best possible way. More specifically, the Vice-Rector for Research:

  • puts in place mechanisms to identify potentially valuable discoveries within the university;
  • sets up procedures to select which discoveries’ development will be financed;
  • ensures that the monitoring of the validation process is optimised;
  • ensures that the interests of the university are adequately defended in negotiations with industry (licences, royalties, etc.);
  • manages the reorganisation of the Interface.


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