Prof. Rudi CLOOTS

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Université de Liège - Rectorat

Place du 20-Août, 7 (Bât. A1)
4000 Liège

+32 (4) 366 53 02

Nathalie Faust


Institutional policy on "infrastructure"

In relation to the Infrastructure Commission, the ARI and the services of the Administrator, it is the responsibility of the Vice-Rector for Student Life and Infrastructure:

  • to develop and ensure the follow-up and regular updating of the “Buildings and Infrastructure” strategic plan within the institution;
  • and, within this plan, pay particular attention to:
    • research and teaching infrastructure needs;
    • convivial spaces for work and meetings;
    • issues related to sustainable development.

Student Life

In consultation with the Quality of Student Life Department, the Vice-Rector for Student Life and Infrastructure develops various policies concerning:

  • housing;
  • transport;
  • socio-cultural life;
  • citizen participation;
  • the possibility of studying abroad.

He presides over the student consultation bodies:

  • the Student Participation Commission;
  • the Student Quality of Life Commission.


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