Adviser on Innovation, Regional Development and International Relations



University innovation policy

In constant interaction with the Rector's team and the CURE, with regards to innovation, the Adviser ensures the follow-up of a proactive policy that results in:

  • his participation in internal and external bodies related to innovation;
  • the construction and expansion of networks of public/private partners and actors in the economic and social sectors, which implies an active presence in existing structures and organisations;
  • the search for external funding for major projects, which are key to the University’s structure and strategy, and major partnerships, which focus more on university and/or economic partners.

Initiation and monitoring of projects related to regional development

Concerning regional development, the Adviser:

  • is a member of the relevant external bodies;
  • ensures the coordination of the University's actions and initiatives in these matters and in the context of the redeployment of the Liège, Namur and Luxembourg zones;
  • participates in external consultation and decision-making bodies on regional development and innovation.

Development of the University's international relations (under the responsibility of the Rector and the First Vice-Rector)

In conjunction with the First Vice-Rector, on the subject of international relations, the Adviser:

  • participates in university, regional and national missions;
  • participates in FWB bodies related to international relations;
  • collaborates on the institutional international relations strategy;
  • participates in external consultation and decision-making bodies in the field of international relations;
  • monitors aspects relating to the valorisation of research, industrial development and regional economic redeployment.
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