Prof. Vincent d’ORIO

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Towards a supra-regional hospital network

The CHU and the University must have a concerted vision of hospital geopolitics as well as a strategy to build a "university hospital network" in which the CHU and the University are supra-regional academic reference elements. With this in mind, the Adviser on Health, Medical and Hospital Affairs:

  • plays and active role in the bodies in charge of hospital policy;
  • more generally, is the reference point for the University's relations with the CHU and other hospitals.

Towards a hospital-university health platform

Born out of a cooperation between Meusinvest, the University of Liege and the CHU, the B2H (Bridge 2 Health) platform strives for research excellence in the life sciences, and aims to foster international competition allowing for the emergence of diagnostic and therapeutic applications beneficial to the economic deployment of the Region. This is achieved, in particular, by B2H acting as an incubator for the birth of new companies. In this context, the Adviser on Health, Medical and Hospital Affairs:

  • is a member of internal and external health-related bodies which deal with health training and medical affairs;
  • is a member of the bodies in charge of defining health innovation strategies.


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