The Advisor in charge of institutional quality management and evaluation

Prof. Philippe HUBERT

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In 2008, the University of Liège set up the Service de Management et d’Accompagnement à la Qualité (SMAQ) (Quality Management and Support Service) whose general mission is to promote, coordinate and disseminate a quality culture based on the values of the institution. More specifically, the SMAQ is the linchpin for the evaluation of teaching programmes, research structures and administrations. In addition to the internal assessments it organises, the SMAQ supports the assessments that ULiège is subject to by other assessing, certifying or accrediting bodies. The SMAQ has therefore quite logically approached the Réseau de Qualité des Laboratoires (RQLab)(Laboratory Quality Network). More recently, our University has joined the institutional evaluation pilot project of the AEQES (Agency for the Evaluation of the Quality of Higher Education) so that in the future, teaching evaluations can be fully organised within the institution.

Therefore, the Adviser on Institutional Quality Management and Evaluation deals with issues relating to evaluations and certifications, as well as quality-related issues. Specifically, the Adviser:

  • manages the SMAQ;
  • follows up on internal and external certification assessments;
  • monitors the RQLab;
  • leads the AEQES institutional evaluations, and, as such, participates in the FWB and regional bodies related to evaluation and quality;
  • proposes the institutional strategy for quality and the development of a quality culture;
  • heads up the ‘Radius’ group.

As part of his missions, the Adviser on Institutional Quality Management and Evaluation works in close collaboration with the First Vice-Rector on issues involving institutional image, with the Vice-Rector for Education and Welfare on issues related to quality, and with the First Vice-Rector and the Vice-Rector for Student Life and Infrastructure on issues related to sustainable development.


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