The University of Liège has launched the #RESPECT campaign for the 2019-20 academic year. Self-respect, respect for others, respect for diversity. Throughout the year, the focus is put on various aspects: fight against harassment, non-violent communication, equality in language,...

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Harassment and daily violence: ULiège commits itself!

The authorities of ULiège are committed to putting the well-being of each and everyone in the priorities, fighting against situations of daily violence and harassment. This is done by raising awareness, both for victims and witnesses. 

An awareness campaign 

What is harassment? How does it manifest itself? Is it punishable by law? How important is the role of witnesses? What is slut-shaming? From this February 17, posters and videos distributed to the entire ULiège community highlight this sensitive issue.


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Follow the campaign: videos and posters 

Need to confide?

The University of Liège has trained trustworthy persons capable of receiving confidential testimonies or calls for help in the event of harassment, violence or non-compliance.


Who to turn to:

Are you a student?

Are you a staff member?

Non-violent communication

Words, gestures, attitudes are messengers through which others perceive us. We are aware of the importance of our interactions but are we really attentive to our communication, to the negative or positive suggestions it carries? Learning communication skills is essential for building effective communication and improving everyone's well-being at work.

Feel like training?

The University of Liège offers training courses focused on communication. They are recognizable by the label #RESPECT.

catalogue of staff training courses

One of these courses, entitled "Mieux communiquer", is specifically focused on non-violent communication.

Five dates are proposed in 2020 to ULiège staff: 29/01 (full), 13/02 (full), 26/03, 28/04, 11/05.


Awareness of non-violent communication has been proposed in the new welcome system for ULiège's supervisors.

Women and men at ULiège

Practical guide "Equality in language"

The University of Liège publishes, with the collaboration of the ULiège Gender Working Group, a practical guide "Equality in language" and proposes a series of recommendations on the subject to its egalite langue 

Lire le guide "l'égalité dans la langue"  

Key Figures

What is the proportion of women and men within the University of Liège, among students and staff? What is the breakdown by faculty? How many women and men among international students? ULiège is mapping its gender balance, as well as the avenues - existing or planned - to move towards the best possible balance.

Focus sur les chiffres clé femmes-hommes à l'ULiège 

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Campaign #RESPECT