Three academic experts from ULiège members of the strategic council of the Recovery Plan "Get Up Wallonia! »

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The Walloon Government continues to implement the Get up Wallonia! recovery plan - which wishes to revitalise the region following the multiple impacts linked to the COVID-19 pandemic - and has just appointed the nine experts who will make up the project's Strategic Council, in charge of informing political decision-making. Among them are Catherine Fallon, Eric Haubruge and Jérôme Schoenmaekers, teachers and researchers at the University of Liège.


ast April, the Walloon government presented its Get Up Wallonia! initiative aimed at responding to the emergencies linked to the Covid-19 crisis and preparing the future of Wallonia and its citizens. The aim of the operation: to create an innovative, global and coherent dynamic to build the future of Wallonia. Get Up Wallonia! pursues economic, social, environmental and territorial development objectives which are concretely translated into four missions: managing the health emergency, minimising the economic and social impacts of the crisis, relaunching socio-economic activity in order to produce a virtuous circle of progress, and strengthening the resilience of our society and its ability to meet new challenges. At the methodological level, the Government has provided for the establishment of a multidisciplinary steering group, a strategic council, three operational task forces and a process of broad citizen participation.

On Thursday 2 July, the government announced the names of the nine academic experts who make up the Strategic Council responsible for informing political decision-making, particularly with regard to scientific knowledge and prospects for economic, social, environmental, territorial and technological development. Among them are three members of the University of Liège.

Catherine Fallon is director of SPIRAL (Cité research unit / Faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology) and lecturer at the ULiège. Catherine Fallon is mainly interested in subjects related to public administration, participatory methods, technology assessment and risk analysis and communication.

Eric Haubruge is a full professor (TERRA Research Centre / Gembloux Agro Bio Tech) and Advisor to the Rector in charge of innovation, regional development and international relations.

Jérôme Schoenmaekers is a lecturer at HEC-Liège and project manager at the International Centre for Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy (CIRIEC). Jérôme is interested in subjects related to health economics as well as impact measures.

Each member has been selected because of their expertise and their ability to propose a global vision of the development of Wallonia. Citizens and civil society will also be involved through a consultation via an interactive web platform and a paper form in municipal administrations, cultural centres and public libraries for those who do not wish or do not want to use the web platform.

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