Scientific and technical culture at the University of Liège


riorities for the University of Liège and Réjouisciences include raising awareness among young people and the general public on the importance of science and technology in our societies; promoting access to scientific knowledge; encouraging vocations and careers in the field of research, or reintroducing science into the field of culture.
The University of Liège has a long history in the dissemination of science and technology, created in 2001, a structure to support and coordinate scientific cultural activities organised in Liège, Arlon and Verviers : Réjouisciences.

A similar cell, VivaSciences, coordinates the offer of scientific culture in Gembloux.

Réjouisciences Mission

Réjouisciences mission is to support the dissemination of existing science initiatives and promote the development of new activities.
To accomplish this, Réjouisciences supports ULiège’s teachers and researchers in their actions with the public and with schools (teachers, school groups, family or informed audiences, etc.).

Réjouisciences realizes, organizes or promotes...

The University of Liège offers a varied range of scientific and technical activities for a wide range of audiences:

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The Réjouisciences team

  • Michel RIGO
  • Martine VANHERCK
  • Thomas BEYER
  • Manon TIRTIAUX
  • Julie REMICHE 

Réjouisciences is supported by the Wallonie-Brussels Federation and the Public Service of Wallonia (DGO 6).

Réjouisciences Université de Liège

+32 (0)4 366 96 96

Institut de Zoologie (Bât. I1)
Quai Édouard Van Beneden, 22
B-4020 Liège

Site de Réjouisciences

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