Eclosio is the NGO of the University of Liege. Located at the crossroads of the university community and the organized civil society, its mission is to promote the agro-ecological transition, the socio-economic integration of populations weakened by exclusion and inequalities, as well as the citizen's commitment in the face of the societal and climatic challenges of our time.

To do so, Eclosio implements inclusion dynamics, by creating together skills, knowledge and innovative solutions as well as by engaging the public and private sectors.

Eclosio in the field

Concretely, in Benin, Senegal, Guinea, Cambodia, Bolivia and Peru, Eclosio supports, with the help of its local partners, vulnerable families and their organizations in order to:

  • develop remunerative agroecological activities that are less dependent on external factors and respectful of the environment;
  • benefit from a decent income, in particular through the transformation and marketing of their production;
  • to benefit from a healthy and balanced diet, particularly by promoting the role of women as guarantors of their family's nutritional health;
  • support local dynamics and territorial development for and by the communities;
  • to professionalize themselves through quality training and support in the search for a sustainable job;
  • defend their interests by lobbying public authorities.

Eclosio, university NGO

Eclosio also contributes to the teaching, research and service missions of the University of Liege, in Belgium and in its countries of intervention, through action and advocacy.

Thus, in Liège and Gembloux, Eclosio informs, sensitizes and mobilizes students∙e∙s and members of the university community to different global issues related to the relations of domination, in order to contribute to the construction of inclusive, sustainable, equitable and solidarity-based societies. In university curricula, Eclosio notably frames several seminars and portfolios recognized in the course programs, organizes transdisciplinary interventions, implements service learning, and accompanies students∙e∙s carrying out their TFE in its projects. Alongside, Eclosio accompanies student groups in the organization of awareness-raising actions and mobilization projects by strengthening their thematic, methodological and group skills. In parallel, Eclosio pursues academic advocacy and networking strategies with civil society and the university community.

Eclosio is a member of the Consortium Uni4Coop, which gathers the 4 French-speaking Belgian university NGOs (ULB-Coopération, Louvain Coopération, la Fucid and Eclosio). The latter group together their forces in the realization of common projects, in all the countries of intervention.

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+32 (0)81 62 25 75

Liege office :

Traverse des architectes, 2 Bat B3D | B-4000 Liège (Sart Tilman)

Gembloux office :

Avenue de la Faculté d'Agronomie, 2 | B-5030 Gembloux