Eclosio is the NGO of the University of Liège. The organization was created in 2018 from the merging of Aid for Development-Gembloux (ADG) and Universud-Liège whose role is to build a society animated by united citizens who are concerned with respecting the dignity of each and everyone everywhere.

Vision and mission

In Liège and Gembloux, the mission of Eclosio consists in giving information raising awareness and mobilizing citizens, students and members of the academic community about different international issues to contribute to the construction of sustainable, fair, united and inclusive societies. Eclosio is also leading advocacy actions towards academic and political authorities. These actions are mainly carried out on the campuses of Liège and Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech.



+32 (0)81 62 25 75

Liege office :

Traverse des architectes, 2 Bat B3D | B-4000 Liège (Sart Tilman)

Gembloux office :

Avenue de la Faculté d'Agronomie, 2 | B-5030 Gembloux