"The University of Liège is a lucid institution, which is resolutely oriented toward the future. A University of journeys for all. A University to experience."

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hrough a quality education organised around the principles of academic freedom and the freedom of scientific research, the University aims to train autonomous, responsible and committed students and researchers throughout their respective life paths. To this end, it offers a meeting place between professors eager to pass on their knowledge and develop it through high-level scientific research and an audience of learners seeking knowledge in line with the great traditions of thought, open to the world and the future. To these diverse learning audiences it considers as partners in an educational process, the University of Liège guarantees the freedom of training and/or choice of studies.

The University of Liège Charter:

Academic Career, Research Path, Life Course

Rector Albert Corhay presented the University Liège’s Charter during the start of the academic year meeting on 21 September 2016.

Teaching and research both strive for the dissemination of recognised scientific knowledge, as well as the innovation, construction of new concepts, and new knowledge from cutting-edge scientific research. These fuel teaching and contribute not only to the international reputation of the University of Liège, but also to the social, economic, cultural, artistic, technological, political and medical developments of the academic pole of Liège-Luxembourg, of the greater region and of the country.

Attentive to the society which surrounds it, the University of Liège contributes to promoting its knowledge and know-how within civil society and businesses. It develops partnerships with public, private and associative external participators, promotes their skills, their abilities and their practical expertise, fosters the critical reflexivity of knowledge and contributes to the emergence of a knowledge society.


The University of Liège is intended as a place for debate, reflection and the meeting of glances in the heart of the city. In this sense, it stands a critical and democratic watch.


The University of Liège promotes the exchange of ideas and the plurality of scientific approaches. It supports innovation and creativity in the fields of science, art, technology, life and the human sciences.

Open to the world

Anchored in networks of international excellence and conscious of the challenges tied to globalization, the University of Liège is developing partnerships throughout the world. It plays an active role in the internationalisation of knowledge and the solidarity development worldwide in promoting cooperation, justice and the North-South dialogue.

In addition to forging these great academic foundations, the University of Liège is instituting a three-part requirement that will lead to a fulfilling career as a free and responsible student, researcher or citizen, who is respectful of others.  First, the University of Liège intends to promote rigor, quality of work and teaching, critical thinking and the broadest and freest (in both senses of the term) dissemination of its knowledge. Second, each member of the academic community has rights, but also obligations to respect the current law and internal regulations approved by the Board of Directors of the University of Liège. This is a reminder of how equal treatment is at the heart of its principles. Finally, ULiège is concerned with the quality of life of its students and its staff. The University of Liège is an institution particularly attentive to the intersection of study courses, research careers and life paths. It intends to support these paths by offering all members of the academic community a friendly, quality living environment, enabling everyone to evolve in the best possible conditions.  This means enabling members to keep their political, philosophical and religious convictions, to cope with the different challenges one meets along the way in order to develop their professional, scientific and academic projects. Its life project. It seeks to promote attentiveness, dialogue, well-being, health and respect for the environment. As a pluralist institution, the University of Liège promotes freedom of expression, tolerance, solidarity, mutual respect, civility and non-discrimination to enrich life courses. It is an advocate of equal opportunity and believes that in order to learn, research, work and "live together,” respect for diversity and freedoms are essential values. These promote encountering others, allowing people to discover each other's specificities, share differing points of view and learn about differences. No one may be discriminated against on the basis of differences related to gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, or religious, philosophical or political convictions. No one may incite hate or discriminatory harassment. The University of Liège is a lucid and future-oriented institution evolving to meet the challenges in an everchanging world.  It is committed to solving the current and emerging economic, social, and ethical challenges, especially as it relates to issues of social justice, health and environment.  It is a university open for all to journey, a university to experience.

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