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Strategic Plan 2017 - 2021

In its bicentennial year, the University of Liège’s strategic plan is to:

  • Comprehend the uncertainty of a complex world rather than passively undergo it
  • Reinforce its teaching, research, citizenship and governance
  • Enrich the life paths of its students, alumni, staff, and researchers
  • Redeploy its means of action in a relevant and concerted fashion.
  • Mobilise and create new collaborative dynamics to better connect populations and knowledge
  • Think and animate the territories with public and private, associative actors

Translated into 12 strategic objectives and 200 actions, the strategic plan meets 4 major social challenges:

  • The advent of a digital and an educative society
  • Health of populations
  • Citizenship and community
  • Building ties between cities and territories
INDIVIDUAL Reinforcing support and promoting journeys Intensifying PhD training and supporting researchers Exploring new courses Ensuring transparent procedures
COMMUNITY Making our programmes more attractive Reinforcing excellence in research Establishing a sense of belonging Boosting transversality
SOCIETY Creating new learning spaces Sharing knowledge and anchoring innovation Strengthening our positioning in the world Affirming the university


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