Located in the heart of Europe, the University of Liège makes openness toward society and the world a priority. It builds and develops each year solid collaborations with hundreds of international institutions.

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A University open to the world

Situated in the heart of Europe, at the meeting point of the great axes of European regions (Meuse-Rhin, Grande Région, France-Wallonia-Flanders), the University of Liège makes openness to the world one of its priorities. A desire that is expressed through a series of concrete initiatives. Cross-border relations provide the University of Liège with multilingual and multicultural characteristics, in line with European values.

As an active partner in a network of more than 600 universities with which it cooperates to promote exchanges of students, researchers and skills, ULiège encourages each student to acquire international training. An ambition that necessitates the development of soft skills and the offer of mobility during the curriculum. Openness to other cultures, which is fundamental to ULiège values, is thus reinforced.

ULiège offers these exchange programmes for students and professors, but also joint/multiple degrees, international curriculum or courses in English, and the strengthening of scientific cooperation through strong international partnerships.

More than 1,500 agreements are the result of collaboration in teaching and research with more than 68 countries. ULiège is committed to its partners in the South, in cooperation programmes and through innovative initiatives such as its "Central Africa Platform".

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