GEUZAINE Christophe

Professeur ordinaire

GEUZAINE Christophe

Faculté des Sciences appliquées
Département d'électricité, électronique et informatique (Institut Montefiore)
Applied and Computational Electromagnetics (ACE)
Montefiore Institute of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

ULiège address
Bât. B28 Applied and Computational Electromagnetics (ACE)
Quartier Polytech 1
allée de la Découverte 10
4000 Liège 1
Institut Montefiore B28 - I155
ULiège phone number
+32 4 3663730
ULiège Fax
+32 4 3662910
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Conseil sectoriel à la recherche et à la valorisation
Sciences et Techniques
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Christophe Geuzaine received his PhD degree in 2001 from the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the University of Liège in Belgium. After post-doctoral positions at the California Institute of Technology and with the Belgian National Science Foundation, he became an assistant professor of Mathematics at Case Western Reserve University in 2005. In 2007 he came back to the University of Liège, where he is now full professor in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He is the founder and head of the Applied and Computational Electromagnetics research group within the Montefiore Institute. Prof. Geuzaine's research encompasses modeling, analysis, algorithm development, and simulation for problems arising in various areas of engineering and science, with current applications in electromagnetic, biomedical and geophysical problems. He has authored numerous papers in the fields of scientific computing and is the co-creator of the popular open source mesh generator Gmsh and the multi-physics finite element solver GetDP.

ULiège Course

Certificat Interuniversitaire en Electronique de l'Energie, 228h Th, BEAUVOIS Véronique, FREBEL Fabrice, GEUZAINE Christophe

Modelling and design of electromagnetic systems, 26h Th, 26h Pr, GEUZAINE Christophe

Electromagnetic energy conversion, 30h Th, 15h Pr, 15h Labo., GEUZAINE Christophe

High performance scientific computing, 30h Th, 15h Pr, 20h Proj., GEUZAINE Christophe

Multiphysics integrated computational project, 33h Th, 30h Proj., BOMAN Romain, GEUZAINE Christophe

Multiphysics integrated computational project
- 33h Th, 30h Proj., BOMAN Romain, GEUZAINE Christophe
- 11h Th, 40h Proj., BOMAN Romain, GEUZAINE Christophe

Mathématiques appliquées, 26h Th, 26h Pr, DEWALS Benjamin, GEUZAINE Christophe