SILHANEK Alejandro


SILHANEK Alejandro

Faculté des Sciences
Département de physique
Physique expérimentale des matériaux nanostructurés
Complex and Entangled Systems from Atoms to Materials (CESAM)

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Bât. B5A Physique expérimentale des matériaux nanostructurés
Quartier Agora
allée du six Août 19
4000 Liège 1
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Experimental Physics of Nanostructured Materials


Alejandro Silhanek obtained his Master in Physics in 1997 at Universidad de La Plata, Argentina, and the Ph.D. degree in Physics at Instituto Balseiro (Argentina) in 2002. He spent 8 years as research associate at the KULeuven (Belgium) and about two years at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Los Alamos (USA). Since the end of 2011 he is Professor at the Université de Liège and head of the research group ¿Experimental Physics of Nanostructured materials. He has co-authored over 200 publications in diverse topics including nanostructured superconducting, metallic, semiconductors, and magnetic systems, planar plasmonic metamaterials, biomicrofluidics devices, heavy-fermions, and quantum-critical points.

Silhanek's group is active in the domain of low dimensional systems including magnetic and superconducting materials and hybrid structures. The main experimental facilities include a platform for nanofabrication by electron beam lithography, with a multipurpose physical deposition system, magneto-optical technique and electrical transport properties of materials at low temperatures. Topics of current interest are fluctuations in low dimensional superconductors, controlled electromigration, manipulation of flux quanta, and thermomagnetic instabilities in superconductors.

ULiège Course

Traitement du signal, 25h Th, 20h Pr, SILHANEK Alejandro

Physique des matériaux et biophysique, 30h Th, HOEBEKE Maryse, SILHANEK Alejandro

Physique générale II, 45h Th, 35h Pr, SILHANEK Alejandro

Physics of superconductors, 15h Th, SILHANEK Alejandro

Nanofabrication : principles and techniques, 25h Th, 15h Pr, NGUYEN Ngoc Duy, SILHANEK Alejandro

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