DOUCET Jean-Louis

Professeur ordinaire

DOUCET Jean-Louis

Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech
Département GxABT
Gestion des ressources forestières
Gestion des ressources forestières

ULiège address
Bât. G1 Laboratoire de Foresterie des régions trop. et subtropicales
Passage des Déportés 2
5030 Gembloux
ULiège phone number
+32 81 622648
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+32 81 622342
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Jean-Louis Doucet is Professor of Tropical Forestry at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (University of Liège). Very active in Southern countries, he also teaches in Gabon (at USTM, Franceville) and in D.R. Congo (at ERAIFT, Kinshasa). He chairs Forest is Life, a Research and Teaching Support Unit of TERRA, whose activities concern the functioning of forest ecosystems, their reactions to global changes and the sustainable use of wood and non-wood resources.

Jean-Louis Doucet specializes in the study of the ecology of tropical trees. He is more specifically interested in their population dynamics (regeneration, growth, reproduction) and the interactions between fauna and flora. This research is part of major international projects involving numerous scientific institutions and donors.

In his work, Jean-Louis Doucet has developed an original approach based on a partnership between the academic world, the private sector and associations. In this respect, he collaborates with forestry companies committed to the sustainable management of African forests covering more than three million hectares. He also implements development actions through the non-profit organization Nature +. In this way, he intends to place the results of his research, both fundamental and applied, at the very heart of decision-making processes to improve the management of tropical forests. It is in the same perspective that he is a director of the ATIBT, the Paris-based international technical association for tropical timber, which brings together players committed to responsible management.

Eager to share his experiences with his students, he now organizes most of his teaching in the forests of Central Africa. Students from the North and the South spend several weeks confronting their points of view by living the realities of the field. Finally, as a photography enthusiast, he likes to share his passion for tropical forests with his most beautiful pictures.

Research field

  • Sylviculture tropicale
  • Aménagement forestier
  • Écologie

Duties or mandates

  • President of Forest is Life
  • Director of Nature +, ATIBT, and ERAIFT

ULiège Course

Gestion des écosystèmes tropicaux, 12h Th, 2h SEM, DOUCET Jean-Louis

Gestion des écosystèmes forestiers, 24h Th, CLAESSENS Hugues, DOUCET Jean-Louis

Gestion durable des forêts tropicales, 36h Th, DOUCET Jean-Louis

Projet de groupe, 54h AUTR, DOUCET Jean-Louis, FAYOLLE Adeline

Foresterie tropicale
- Certification des forêts tropicales, 6h Th, 18h Pr, DOUCET Jean-Louis
- Agroforesterie tropicale, 12h Th, 12h Pr, DOUCET Jean-Louis
- Botanique tropicale appliquée, 12h Th, 12h Pr, DOUCET Jean-Louis

ULiège Outside Course

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