DOZO Björn-Olav


DOZO Björn-Olav

Faculté de Philosophie et lettres
Département médias, culture et communication
Humanités numériques et cultures vidéoludiques

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Bât. A4 CIPL
quai Roosevelt 1B
4000 Liège
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Conseil sectoriel à la recherche et à la valorisation
Sciences humaines
University degrees
2007 : Doctorat en langues et lettres (Université de Liège)


In 1998, Björn-Olav Dozo began studies at the ULg's department of Romance languages and literatures. He rounded off his degree by writing a dissertation on `The reception of Thomas More's Utopia by his French translator.' He continued in 2002 and a doctoral thesis, analysing respectively `The two first generations of the Royal Academy of French Language and Literature: discourse, personnel and networks' and `The measure of a writer; a socio-statistical study of the francophone Belgian literature sub-field between the wars, a thesis written under the supervision of Jean-Marie Klinkenberg in 2007. He was a F.R.S-FNRS postdoctoral researcher and is now lecturer at the University of Liège.

At the same time, the researcher has been extending the range of his activities. He is amongst the founder members of COnTEXTES, whose journal he co-edited (2006-2011), and of the comic strip study group, `ACME¿, whose book collection he coordinates. Since 2013, his research has focused on video games as cultural objects. He is one of the co-founders of the Liège Game Lab, whose activities can be followed on social networks (@LiegeGameLab on Twitter) and on their website. He also is the codirector of the Presses universitaires de Liège and the director of the Centre informatique de Philosophie et Lettres (CIPL) and of the Cellule d'Appui à la Recherche et à l'Enseignement (CARE) "Digital Tools | Outils numériques".

Research field

  • Médias
  • Sociologie des loisirs, des arts et de la culture
  • Histoire de la littérature

ULiège Course

Public and interpersonal communication in the digital space, 30h Th, DOZO Björn-Olav, HAMERS Jérémy

Histoire et analyse des pratiques du jeu vidéo*, 30h Th, DOZO Björn-Olav

Introduction aux humanités numériques*, 30h Th, DOZO Björn-Olav

Internet et sciences humaines : théories, usages, créations, 30h Th, DOZO Björn-Olav, HAMERS Jérémy

Genres paralittéraires (domaine français)*, 30h Th, DOZO Björn-Olav

Le jeu vidéo comme objet d'analyse et d'étude, 16h Th, 110h AUTR, DOZO Björn-Olav

Histoires et présents du jeu vidéo, 14h Th, 2h Pr, 110h AUTR, DOZO Björn-Olav

Pratiques de création : initiation et projet personnel, 6h Th, 10h Pr, 110h AUTR, DOZO Björn-Olav

Pratiques de création : le jeu vidéo dans le contexte pédagogique, 8h Th, 8h Pr, 110h AUTR, DOZO Björn-Olav