ROTS Veerle


Directrice de recherches FNRS & Fonds assoc.

ROTS Veerle

Faculté de Philosophie et lettres
Département des sciences historiques
Faculté de Philosophie et lettres
Département des sciences historiques
Art, Archéologie et Patrimoine (AAP)

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Bât. A4 TraceoLab
quai Roosevelt 1B
4000 Liège
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+32 4 3665436
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Conseil sectoriel à la recherche et à la valorisation
Sciences humaines
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Personal website (s)


Veerle Rots obtained her PhD at KULeuven and subsequently became a postdoctoral research fellow of the Research Fund (2002-2009) and the Fund for Scientific Research of Flanders (FWO) (2009-2011). She was appointed guest lecturer at the Department of Archaeology of the University of Leuven in 2005 until 2012. In 2011, she obtained a permanent position as researcher of the Belgian Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS-FRS) at the University of Liège (Belgium). She was awarded a prestigious ERC starting grant form the European Research Council in 2012 with the project "Evolution of Stone Tool Hafting in the Palaeolithic". In 2019, she became a Senior Research Associate of the F.R.S.-FNRS. She was awarded the Francqui prize in 2022. Currently, she is Research Director of the F.R.S.-FNRS (since 2023).

Since her arrival at the University of Liège, she has developed TraceoLab, a research centre in prehistory devoted to use-wear and residue studies of prehistoric stone tools and experimentation. Her personal expertise mainly concerns integrated techno-functional approaches with a particular focus on microscopic use-wear and hafting wear traces on stone tools, associated with systematic experimentation, and with a particular interest in Palaeolithic assemblages.

Over the years, she has been involved in many field projects in Belgium and abroad (e.g., Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Turkey, Poland, South Africa), and she has on-going collaborations to examine the archaeological material of different Palaeolithic sites (Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Morocco, Ethiopia, South Africa, Zambia, Israel).

Scientific distinctions

  • ERC starting grant holder (2011)
  • Francqui prize (2022)

ULiège Course

Questions spéciales d'archéologie préhistorique, 30h Th, 10j ExcFo, ROTS Veerle

Débats actuels en préhistoire, 30h Th, ROTS Veerle

Stage spécialisé de Préhistoire, NOIRET Pierre, ROTS Veerle