DORBOLO Stéphane

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Maître de recherches FNRS & Fonds assoc.

DORBOLO Stéphane

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Physique statistique
Complex and Entangled Systems from Atoms to Materials (CESAM)

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Diplômes universitaires
2000 : Docteur en Sciences (Université de Liège)


ORCID: 0000-0002-9022-6948

I am not a number

The story started at the University of Liège. He got his Licence en Physique in 1996 concerning the modelisation of the specific heat in high Tc superconductors (HTCS). He performed his PhD in Physics under the supervision of Prof. Marcel Ausloos concerning the experimental investigation of the thermal properties (specific heat, thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity) of HTCS. It was still the 19th century (Oct. 16, 2000).

Then he was one of the assistant of Prof. H.W. Vanderschueren at the institute Montefiore (2000-2002). The research was oriented towards granular materials and their electrical conductivity. The Branly effect was revisited.

He got then a position at FNRS as a collaborator and then as a Post-Doc at GRASP (Prof. N. Vandewalle) (2002-2005). During these 5 years, he stayed for research project in Cambridge University (Prof. Campbell), Collège de France (Profs. de Gennes and Quéré), Clark University (Prof. A. Kudrolli) and ENS-Lyon (Profs. B. Castaing and E. Falcon). In 2005-2006, he was again a teaching assistant at the physics department.

Finally (or more precisely, the story started again), he got a permanent position at FNRS in 2006.

The research topics are related to soft matter: granular material, droplets, bubbles and antibubbles. 

Curiosity is the driver.

Domaine de recherche

  • Physique des phénomènes non linéaires

Fonctions ou mandats

  • Chercheur Qualifié FNRS

Distinctions scientifiques

  • Prix des Amis de l'ULG (2002)

Cours ULiège

Physique statistique expérimentale, 10h Th, 20h Pr, DORBOLO Stéphane

Cours Hors ULiège

Physics and gravity (ESA academy)