Mondes anciens: Laboratoire d'Analyse statistique des Langues anciennes

Adresse ULiège
Bât. A1 Laboratoire d'Analyse statistique des Langues anciennes
place du 20-Août 7
4000 Liège
Téléphone de service
+32 4 3665582
Diplômes universitaires
2010 : Maîtrise en Langues et Littératures Classiques (Université de Liège)
Diplômes universitaires
2015: Doctorat en Langues et Lettres (Université de Liège)


Graduated in Classical Studies in 2010 at ULiège (Belgium), Marc Vandersmissen received his PhD degree in 2015 from ULiège: "Discourses of Feminine Characters in Senecan Tragedies".
First, Marc worked as a Research Scholar at ULiège and then as a F.R.S.-FNRS Research Fellow. Now, he is a Postdoctoral Researcher at LASLA (Laboratoire d'Analyse Statistique des Langues Anciennes) working on the project "Ovidian Textual Motifs and Late Latin literature".
In parallel, he continues to study character's discourses in ancient theatre and to develop innovative methods based on logometry.
His research fields include Gender Studies, Intertextuality, Mythography, Greek and Latin Literatures and Ancient Poetry. Marc is especially interested in exploring ancient texts through statistical approaches.

Domaine de recherche

  • Philologie classique
  • Études - femmes
  • Art dramatique

Fonctions ou mandats

  • Attaché de recherche 2010-2011
  • Aspirant FNRS 2011-2015
  • Post-doctorant au LASLA (2019-aujourd'hui)