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Faculté de Philosophie et lettres
Département des sciences historiques
Histoire de l'art et archéologie de l'Egypte pharaonique
Faculté de Philosophie et lettres
Département des sciences historiques
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Bât. A4 Histoire de l'art et archéologie de l'Egypte pharaonique
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Diplômes universitaires
2016: DPhil, Ancient history, Egyptology (Macquarie University, Sydney)
2008: MA, Archaeology (Leiden University)


I am an archaeologist specialising in pharaonic Egyptian archaeology, art and material culture, especially of the New Kingdom, c. 1539-1078 BCE (Late Bronze Age). The main focus of my research is on the necropolis of Saqqara near ancient Memphis, c. 20 km south of modern-day Cairo. It involves archaeological fieldwork, archive research, and the study of decontextualised museum objects.

My latest book project, to be published with Brill (2022) under the title The Saqqara Necropolis through the New Kingdom: Biography of an Ancient Egyptian Cultural Landscape, is the first comprehensive monographic treatment of the New Kingdom necropolis at Saqqara, and addresses questions fundamental to understanding the site¿s development through time.  For example, why were certain areas of the necropolis selected for burial in certain time periods; what were the tombs' spatial relations to contemporaneous and older monuments; and what effect did earlier structures have on the positioning of tombs and structuring of the necropolis in later times? This study adopts landscape biography as a conceptual tool to study the long-time interaction between people and landscapes.

My current research project, which is sponsored by the Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique - FNRS (2021-2024), shifts focus from landscape archaeology to workmanship and the social organisation of tomb building. This project is entitled Private Patronage in Ancient Egyptian Tomb Production: Assessing the Relationship between Commissioning Patron and Artists in the New Kingdom Necropolis at Saqqara, c. 1539-1078 BCE. It addresses fundamental questions regarding the tombs' very existence: Who were the artists responsible for construction and decoration, and what was the nature of their relationship to the tomb owners?

I am also currently working on the publication of the monumental relief-decorated tomb of an army official from the time of Tutankhamun, named Ry. Since the tomb's excavation in 2013 (by the Leiden-Turin archaeological expedition to Saqqara), I have been able to reconstruct the tomb by virtually joining wall fragments and other architectural elements, now spread over museum collections around the globe.

Fonctions ou mandats

  • Postdoctoral teaching fellow, KU Leuven (2020-2021)
  • Honorary research fellow, Czech Institute of Egyptology, Charles University, Prague (2019-2021)
  • Postdocoral research fellow, Leiden University (2017-2021)
  • Programme coordinator and lecturer, Leiden University & KU Leuven (2014)
  • University lecturer (interim) in Egyptian Archaeology, Art and Material Culture, Leiden University (2009-2010)

Cours ULiège

Archéologie égyptienne, 30h Th, LABOURY Dimitri, STARING Nico