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Marie Lambert has a joint Ph.D. in Finance from the Universities of Liège and Luxembourg (2010). She is Full Professor and Vice-Dean for Research at HEC Liège - Management School of the University of Liège. She leads the track "Banking and Asset Management" of the master in management and teaches courses on Asset Management, Alternative Investments, Corporate Finance and Financial Modeling. She is the academic contact of the Certified Financial Analyst Institute at the University of Liège and is the academic mentor of the team representing the University of Liège at the annual inter-university global competition.

Marie is also Affiliate Professor at EDHEC Business School (Nice) and at Paris Dauphine as well as a Research Associate at the EDHEC Risk Institute and a research fellow of the Quantitative Management Initiative. She is an Associate Editor of Global Finance Journal, Credit and Capital Markets, and Applied Finance Letters. She sits at the management board of the BENELUX Corporate Finance Network.

Marie has developed a research expertise in asset pricing models, market anomalies, investment styles (value, growth investing), and hedge funds. Her work has been published in international peer-reviewed journals and has been presented to leading academic and professional conferences. Marie holds the Deloitte Chair in Sustainable Finance. Her current research interests indeed lie in sustainable finance (e.g., climate risk pricing, disagreement in the measurement of firm sustainable ratings, performance analysis of sustainable investments) and private equity. 

Marie collaborates regularly with the industry and has developed research partnerships with Ethias SA and Deloitte (Belgium and Luxembourg). She is an academic expert at the FinTech Sopiad, Spinoff of the University of Liège. 

Cours ULiège

Corporate Finance - Lectures and Seminars, 30h Th, LAMBERT Marie, Suppl: SCIVOLETTO Alexandre

Fund Industry, 30h Th, LAMBERT Marie, Suppl: BLANCHARD Gildas, FAVERJON Anouck

Advanced Corporate Finance and Modeling, 30h Th, LAMBERT Marie, Suppl: HANSSENS Jürgen, SCIVOLETTO Alexandre

Fund Administration & Audit, 30h Th, LAMBERT Marie, Suppl: BLANCHARD Gildas, FAVERJON Anouck

Strategic Financial Analysis, 30h AUTR, LAMBERT Marie

Cours Hors ULiège

Portfolio Management (EDHEC Business School) Advanced Asset Management (Université Paris-Dauphine)