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GIGA Consciousness - Coma Science Group

Adresse ULiège
Bât. B34 GIGA Consciousness - Coma Science Group
Quartier Hôpital
avenue de l'Hôpital 11
4000 Liège
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Diplômes universitaires
2019: PhD in Biomedical and Pharmacological Sciences (Université de Liège)
2014: MSc Biomedial Sciences (University of Amsterdam)
2012: BSc in Psychobiology (University of Amterdam)


Dr. Jitka Annen is post-doctoral researcher at the GIGA Consciousness research unit. Before obtaining her Doctoral degree at the Coma Science Group (ULiège), she studied Psychobiology (BSc) and Biomedical Sciences (MSc) at the University of Amsterdam. Her multidisciplinary work aims to study the relationship between brain structure and function in healthy and pathological states.

In collaboration with, amongst others, the University of Antwerp she investigates cerebral structural and functional alterations after long-term exposure to microgravity. In this ESA project, pre- and post-mission structural and functional MRI scans of cosmonauts are compared.

Furthermore, she is interested to study the altered brain structure and function in patients with severe acquired brain injury. She aims to find objective neuroimaging measures, specifically derived from T1-weighted structural MRI and EEG to complement clinical diagnosis in post-comatose patients with disorders of consciousness. Second, her research combines various neuroimaging techniques to study the relationship between brain structure and function in healthy and brain injured subjects, which can contribute to our understanding of the brain.

Domaine de recherche

  • Imagerie médicale, radiologie, tomographie
  • Imagerie médicale, radiologie, tomographie

Fonctions ou mandats

  • Post doctoral researcher