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At its meeting on 3 October 2005, the Board of Directors created the position of General Director for Education and Training, enabling the Rector to delegate certain specific skills that he/she cannot manage directly and on a daily basis.

The General Director for Education and Training ensures the management and coordination:

  • of academic affairs
  • of student affairs
  • of continuing education
  • of the management of teacher and student mobility
  • of international relations
  • of the quality of life of students
  • of Alumni follow-up
  • of the Protocol
  • of Communication

It oversees the preparation and execution of the decisions of the Board of Directors in these matters.

It provides certain skills related to the management of human resources, in consultation with the Administrator, including the implementation of:

  • recruitment, appointment, advancement and promotion procedures for the PATO and scientific staff based on agreements prepared and managed by Human Resources
  • the institutional policy concerning the permanent training of staff whose management is entrusted to Human Resources

It is called upon to perform missions of representation of the Authorities in various instances.

In addition, it oversees a Strategic and Statistical Observatory for Education whose missions are:

  •  to study regulations and their translation into enforcement procedures
  •  to monitor IT developments regarding teaching and student topics
  •  to study and simulate regulatory situations

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