he law of 19 December 1974 on the organisation of professional relations within public services and its application orders, including that of 20 October 1984, shall apply within the University of Liège.

The relationships between employer and employee are dealt with within the core coordination committee. The latter is responsible for all scientific, administrative, technical and labour staff. It is presided over by the Administrator and includes representatives of the Authority and 3 representatives from each of the representative trade unions.

Delegation of the Authority

  • Anne GIRIN, Administrator of l'ULiège, President of the CCB
  • Evelyne GOUJON, Director of the Human Resources Administration (ARH), Substitute President
  • Linda AGRO, ARH, head of the department of administrative staff management

Delegation of each of the representative trade unions



Technicians or experts may also be invited depending on the items on the agenda.

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