Attention to the society that surrounds it, ULiège contributes to promoting its knowledge and know-how within civil society and businesses.

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he University of Liège is intended as a place for debate, reflection and the meeting of glances in the heart of the city. An innovative university, it promotes the exchange of ideas and a plurality of scientific approaches. Open to the world, anchored in international networks of excellence and well aware of the issues tied to globalisation, it actively contributes to both the internationalisation of knowledge and the development of international cooperation.

The development of the University of Liège in the coming years requires the mobilisation of the greatest number of actors possible from the scientific, economic, political and cultural spheres. At the forefront of these are graduates from the University of Liège: men and women living in the Liège region, located elsewhere in Belgium or abroad, but all characterised by their attachment to Liège and its University.

Concretely, new financial resources through sponsorship will condition the University of Liège's capacity to have a real impact in its region and throughout the world. To meet the challenges ahead, our University will need to raise several million Euros to finance research, the creation of chairs, scholarships and infrastructures, and to create a capitalised fund making it possible to sustain long-term actions.

The dedication of graduates and companies to the University of Liège, its professors and its researchers leads us to believe that this objective constitutes a new challenge that is significant but achievable.

How can I donate to the University of Liège?

You can contribute to the development of ULiège by sending your donation to the account number 340-1501873-60 of the University of Liège Foundations with the caption: Prom ULg

IBAN format:   BE73 3401 5018 7360


Bank:  ING België/ING Belgique/ING Belgium


The Heritage of the University of Liège is authorised to receive donations and legacies, as well as benefits from tax immunisation when they are collected.

Donations made in favour of the University of Liège give rise to a tax deduction for the donor, the tax reduction being 45% for all donations of more than €40.

Deductibility is applicable to donations of between €40 and €331,200 made by private individuals, and between €40 and €500,000 for companies. The total amount of deductible donations is limited, respectively, to 5 and 10% of total revenue.

For donations or legacies in movable or immovable property for a value of €25,000, a specific foundation can be created within the Heritage of the University of Liège and the use of interests will be applied depending on the desires expressed by the donor, whose name and memory, if he or she so wishes, will remain attached to his or her foundation.


Spotlight on Donors and Prize Winners

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