The Academic Affairs Department has for mission to:

  • manage the academic files to be submitted to the Board of Directors in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Board
  • establish faculty plans and budget estimates for the organisation of teachings, the status of teachers and scientific staff (definitive and temporary)
  • to establish the course programme
  • take charge of the Academic Council (elections of the Rector, the Vice Rector, the Academic Secretary, designation of honorary doctors)
  • manage the databases of curriculum and courses organised in the Institution, teachers' fees and educational commitments
  • ensure the management of diplomas and verify in particular, the adequacy of the mentions appearing therein with the legal and regulatory requirements and the respect of these throughout the student's course (both with regard to the conditions of access, curricula and exams as regards the presentation and formulation of diplomas).


Management: Eva ZEIMETZ


Daniela BERARIU, Clarisse CARLIG, Sylvie DESABLINS, Audrey ETIENNE, Murielle FREMINEUR, Danila MARTINI, Claude MEURANT, Carole NGUYEN, Monique PÉRILLEUX, Thibault QUINET, Anaïs STIEL, Annick VAN EYCK, Delphine VANNERUM.


Bldg. A1
Place du 20-Août, 7
B-4000 Liège

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