Regular Study Programmes and Certificates / Individual Courses and Auditing Students

Registration for regular study programmes : 

No fees for :

- the Admissions Exam for University Studies, if this is required

- registration for the French Language Proficiency Test (2 possibilities to sit the exam during the course of the academic year)

Registering for individual courses or registering for courses as a free student or auditing student

Services and benefits associated with these registrations:

  • Tutoring for faculty integration, and course adaptation assured by a volunteer student
  • A student card, a ULiège ID and password, MyULiège, a personal university email address

Additional access:

  • libraries, computer rooms and study rooms
  • student aid services: information on courses, university orientation, study guidance, student social services...
  • medical specialist consultations at the University Hospital
  • language courses organised by the ISLV (Higher Institute of Modern Language)
  • socio-cultural and intercultural activities organised at the University
  • student circles and associations
  • university sports
  • university restaurants

Preparatory actions

Refugees admitted to regular training are strongly encouraged to enrol in preparatory actions (medicine, engineering, working method...).

In case of difficulties, please contact Marie-France Bayard.

French courses for refugees

As mastery of the language is the first integration vector in a new environment, ULiège offers those who are engaged in a university training process the possibility to reach the legal French level (level B2) required for admission. French courses as a foreign language have therefore been organised, in collaboration with the ISLV (Institute of Modern Languages), in accordance with the access conditions and practical modalities specified below:

Access conditions

  • Refugee status (asylum seeker, recognised refugee, subsidiary protection or stateless person) with
  • prior knowledge (A1 minimum) of French
  • holder of a secondary diploma or university degree
  • university training project in Belgium


  • duration and frequency: 10-week modules (October/December, January/March, April/June) - 4 days per week (Monday to Thursday) - 3 hours per day (1 p.m. to 4 p.m.)
  • levels: three different course levels (between A1 and B2)
  • quality teaching: professors certified in French as a foreign language (ISLV) - number of students limited to 15 per class
  • assessment: level and selection tests - examination at the end of each module
  • cost: free tuition and handling of travel expenses for public transportation
  • location: central building of University - Liège city
  • application: any interested person must make an appointment with the Refugee Office (see "contact(s)" ay the bottom of the page).

French conversation in "tandem" with a member of the university community: win-win!

Of course, French courses are suspended during the summer...however, at ULiège, the university community is mobilised: members of personnel and students respond to the call, on a volunteer basis, to share a few hours of individual conversation with refugee students.

An enriching experience, beyond the practice of French: the encounter, openness to others and their reality, help with integration...and working together.

This citizen action is highly encouraged within our Alma Mater.


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