To be an Alumni is to be a part of a community; it means seeking out other alumni from your year or other years. ULiège has demonstrated that it is particularly attentive to its graduates, reserving for them a series of advantages.

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MyULiège Alumni: the portal dedicated to graduates of the University of Liège

It allows you to:

  • Set up an @alumni email address
  • By using this address, the graduate benefits from protection technologies specifically developed for ULiège: no advertising, anti-spam filtering, and high level anti-virus, web mail, etc.
  • Find alumni from your class or from other years
  • Discover the privileges and benefits reserved for alumni
  • Make an appointment to collect your diploma
  • Create and consult classified ads
  • View photos from certain Alumni events (announcements, reunions, etc.)

How do I join this network, and thus benefit from the services and advantages provided by ULiège?

To access the Alumni portal, it is necessary to activate your access codes:

  • Graduate since 2015 (1st diploma)
  • The connection is made by using your identification number preceded by an "a" (instead of an "s") and the student password.
  • Forgot your password?
  • Graduate prior to 2015


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