Closely associated with the institutional reflection on all questions related to the daily life of students, the Student Affairs Service provides students with numerous resources throughout the year.

The mission of the Student Affairs Service is to assist in any action likely to improve the quality of life of students during their studies at the University of Liège and to allow each student, regardless of his/her situation and without any discrimination, to carry out his/her educational project in the best possible conditions.

In connection with the University Authorities and in interaction with the faculties, the Student Affairs Department manages

the Quality of Life service for students

the study guidance service

the university orientation service

the student social service

personalized reception and support for students with special status and for students in special situations

disciplinary issues and appeals  

plagiarism issues


Management : Dominique DUCHATEAU

Centralized student reception office : Anaïs STIEL

Student Quality of Life Department
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