In 2017, the University of Liège has a new visual identity that preserves its history and resolutely focused on its new 11 Faculties and City: Liège.

siteULiege drapeau

With the latter, the Institution intends to:

  • Affirm the pride of belonging to the University of Liège
  • Develop and assert the presence of the University of Liège in the public domain
  • Present the objectives of the University of Liège under a common banner

The new identity, developed with Hoet&Hoet, retains:

  • The design of the coat-of-arms: a coat-of-arms which constitutes a classic, historical and international reference in the academic world
  • The design of the "open book": The opening in the new logo suggests "a path toward knowledge, a learning route"

It also introduces new elements:

  • Balanced and multi-colour triangles that represent the diversity and nesting of sets (Faculties, departments, etc.) creating a whole, the University of Liège
  • Strong and explicit affirmation of the link with the city of which we are the University, LIÈGE, Walloon Metropolis, in capital letters (LIÈGE University). This link is also found in the L formed in the opening of the coat-of-arms. This link with the installation territories and cities of the University of Liège (Gembloux and Arlon) is found in the planned variations of the visual identity


"Yes, the University of Liège is changing its logo. But this isn't just any logo! It is a renewed identity, an identity that we are all going to use to reaffirm our pride in belonging to this great University we call ours. This new identity is a tool which is going to help us to unfold, to assert our presence in the public space and support our new institutional strategy."

Albert CORHAY, Rector of ULiège during the kick-off of the Bicentennial on 9 March 2017

To use the institutional logo, obtain files in different formats or advice on compliance with the graphic charter, submit a request to the Communication Department.

Download the ULiège Logo
 (access reserved for ULiège staff)

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