Quality Management and Accompaniment Department (SMAQ)



he Quality Management and Accompaniment Department (SMAQ) has for general mission to promote, coordinate, and disseminate a quality culture within the University of Liège.It implements and accompanies evaluations organised internally and those which ULiège made on the part of evaluators, certifying agencies or accreditors.It also supports the authorities in the implementation of their strategic plan in relation to the results of internal evaluations and support for the implementation of a quality system for all institutional entities, whether they be training, research or administrative.

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The SMAQ is a governance support unit and therefore depends on the rectorate. It is overseen by the Rector and composed of an executive unit of 3 administrative agents.

It collaborates with the training, research and administrative bodies of the institution subject to evaluations, or wanting to develop their own quality system.

It works specifically with the Data Collection and Analysis and Strategically Useful Information (RADIUS) unit regarding the development of useful indicators for internal or external evaluation approaches.


Quality Management and Support Service (SMAQ)

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