Doctors honoris causa upon proposal by ULiège authorites


Docteurs honoris causa : Anna Triandafyllidou, Philippe Aghion, Gérald Bronner

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Docteurs honoris causa : Hassan Jarfi, Christine Mahy, Denis Mukwege

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Docteurs honoris causa : Fatou Diome, Bernard Serin, Rolf Tarrach

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2016-2017 : From the source to the ocean

Doctor Honoris Causa Laurent Ballesta, Sylvia Earle, Paul Gilroy, Mackaye Hassane Taisso, Erik Orsenna

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2015-2016 : Rethinking our model of society

Doctor Honoris Causa Nancy Fraser, Caryl Phillips, Pierre Rabhi, Matthieu Ricard, Jeremy Rifkin

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2013-2014 : Freedom of expression

Doctor Honoris Causa Stevan Harnad, Lukpan Akhmediarov, ICIJ International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Nadia Khiari, Pierre Kroll et Jean Plantureux (pronounced Plantu)

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2012-2013 : Space Sciences

Doctor Honoris Causa Dirk Frimout, Frank De Winne, Charles Bolden, Jean-Jacques Dordain and Paul Van Hoeydonck

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2011-2012 : Human rights and freedoms

Doctor Honoris Causa: Abdou Diouf

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2010-2011 : The image in all its states

Doctor Honoris Causa Pierre Alechinsky, Victor Burgin, Santiago Calatrava, William Klein, Agnès Varda, Jacques Perrin, Bill Viola

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2009-2010 : Ferrymen of music & World Wide Web

Doctor Honoris Causa Dick Annegarn, Anthony Braxton, Arvo Pärt, Henri Pousseur (posthumously), Frederic Rzewski, Archie Shepp, Robert Wyatt, Sir Timothy Berners-Lee et Robert Caillau

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2008-2009 : Climate change: causes, effects and challenges

Doctor Honoris Causa : Rajendra Pachauri

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2007-2008 : What's the use of literature?

Doctor Honoris Causa Paul Auster, Nancy Huston, Alberto Manguel, Haruki Murakami, Bahiyyih Nakhjavani, Antonio Tabucchi

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2006-2007 : he role of women in the economic, political and cultural realms

Doctor Honoris Causa : Vaira Vike-Freiberga

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Doctors honoris causa upon proposal by ULiège Faculties

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