Force ULiège: Continuing education teaching

The Continuing Education Unit "Teaching" of the University of Liège (Force ULiège) coordinates the offer of continuing education intended for primary and secondary teachers.


s part of this continuing education, the University of Liège offers a large choice of short programmes in diverse fields:  Agriculture-Industry, Citizenship, Physical Education, French, Geography, History, Art History, Computer Science, Modern Languages, Classics, Mathematics, Education, Philosophy, Science, Human Services.

The training programme is made available online. It is available upon request from our secretariat.

The continuing education programmes give rise to the realisation of pedagogical files (see below).

The University of Liège participates in the internetwork training programme of the "Institut de Formation en cours de Carrière" (IFC).

Teaching programmes - useful links:

Force ULiège: Continuing education teaching


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