The University of Liège builds its project within bodies and networks in which it plays an active role.

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In Belgium

In Belgium, ULiège participates in international actions led in conjunction with other Belgian universities. A member of the ARES (Academy of Research and Higher Education), it is associated with the CRI (Interuniversity Commission for International Relations) and the CDD (Commission for Development Cooperation), which federate within the ARES Academy the international actions of French-speaking universities.

The participation of the University of Liège in the Walloon competitiveness clusters also creates private-public partnerships networks and contributes to research and development networks with businesses.

In Europe

Benefiting from its cross-border situation, the University of Liège develops strategic partnerships with nearby universities, in complementarity or reinforcement to its leading expertise. In the Eurogio, a curriculum in neuroscience and a health unit bring together ULiège and UMaastricht. In the Grande Région, the Université de la Grande Région and the University Cooperation Charter facilitate projects between their members, of which ULiège is part. Strategic partnerships with nearby universities such as the URCA (University of Reims Champagne Ardennes) and the University of Lille make possible the synergies of all the ULiège sites, including Gembloux Agro-Bio-Tech and Arlon, which are ideally located.

In teaching, ULiège is a member of the TIME network (joint degrees in the field of Applied Sciences), and of 8 innovative, European Erasmus Mundus consortiums.

In research, each field of knowledge has developed networks of excellence, which make possible the emergence of innovative scientific projects, especially in the European programmes. These thematic networks live in the faculty research centres.

ULiège is also a member of the SGroup, a network of European universities outside of capital cities. This group is actively involved in the dissemination of European mobility practices. It also offers active networking between its members, and synergies with other regions of the world, including Latin America and China.

The participation of ULiège in the Latinus network contributes to ULiège's positioning regarding both teaching and research in French (as cultural diversity vector), along with its contribution to the yearly seminar on the internationalization of French-speaking institutions of higher learning (UQAM-ARES).

Across the world

At the international level, the University of Liège is a member of the EUA (European University Association) the IAU (International Association of Universities) and the AUF (University Agency of Francophony), where it runs a consortium and a management training course (Eastern Europe-Bulgaria). ULiège has signed the Magna Charta ethics charter.

The thematic research networks strengthen, in each field, the collaboration with consortiums including university or research centre partners around the world.

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