ULiège, a university in motion, an actor for development.

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The Pacodel

ULiège expresses its citizenship towards the countries of the South by making development cooperation one of its priorities. This is why the institution was created in 2012, as part of International Relations, a Centre for Partnership and Development Cooperation (PACODEL).

It ensures the coordination and development of multidisciplinary activities related to developing countries, and this, in all areas of academic cooperation: research, teaching and community services.

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Gembloux development assistance

Certified since 1987, Gembloux Development Assistance (ADG) is now the recognized NGO of the University of Liège. It has benefited for over 30 years from technical and methodological experience in the promotion of family agriculture, rural development, agroecology and healthy and sustainable food.

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An actor in global awareness-raising and citizenship, UniverSud has for mission to be an organizer and facilitator, promoting exchanges between the academic world and civil society, but also by offering educational activities for global citizenship and solidarity intended for students.

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