The University of Liège is fully conscious of its societal role and of the example that it must demonstrate in protecting our environment.

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t is a great community of students, professors, researchers, and staff animated by the individual and collective desire to lead eco-responsible actions. It also has, through its competences in research and teaching, the responsibility to inform and generally study climate change and the evolution of biodiversity, as well as innovate and propose more sustainable technological solutions.

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The University of Liège is engaged in an Environmental Policy Charter which results in actions:

  • It is committed to exiting all investments directly tied to fossil fuels within 5 years and to no longer participate in investments based essentially on oil, coal or natural gas.
  • As part of its energy renovation programme European Energy Efficiency Fund (EEEF) financed to the amount of 30 million Euros, it is improving the energy efficiency of its buildings. By 2020, the energy consumption of its biggest campus, Sart Tilman, will be reduced by 20%.
  • It has invested 9 million Euros in a biomass cogeneration plant, the biggest of Wallonia, which provides 30% of electricity needs and 50% in heating of the Sart Tilman campus (CHU of Liège included). This investment makes it possible to reduce 33% of the campus's CO2 emissions.
  • It equips whenever possible its buildings and facilities with photovoltaic panels (PV) during transformation and construction works. Nearly 3,000 m2 of PV have been installed on the Sart Tilman campus over the last year.
  • It has developed its own carpooling platform and encourages the use of bikes for student and staff travel (ULiège is labeled "bike-active"  by Wallonia).


2,500 m² of photovoltaic panels at Sart Tilman

The University of Liège has 2,500 m2 of photovoltaic panels to install them on three large car parks of the Sart Tilman. This equipment will provide 400 000 kWh annually.

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