Combining professional project - current or future - and personal life path: the community of ULiège finds within its institution special attention paid to welfare, both individual and collective. ULiège places a number of values at the heart of its principles, including mutual respect, tolerance and openness.

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A policy of welfare at work

The University of Liège, since 2018, has among its authorities a Vice-Rector for Education and Well-being, who is in charge of defining and implementing a general policy of welfare at work. In the summer of 2019, the Board of Directors approved a declaration of intent for a policy of well-being at work as well as an action plan.




Well-being in the workplace requires respect for the integrity of each individual.

The year 2019-2020 will be marked by an awareness campaign #RESPECT.

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Other projects have already been initiated or are in development. They are aimed at equity and justice (awareness of inclusive writing, welcoming new supervisors, workload analysis, clarification of functions, etc.), health and pleasure at work (PSR prevention measures, workplace beautification, etc.) and trust, autonomy and collaboration (pilot project for working at home, support for interdisciplinarity, etc.).

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Close support for students

Each student who joins ULiège is building, little by little, their future life project. In complementarity to the quality of its training offer, one of the priorities of the University of Liège is to propose personalised support for those who seek it out or who, by nature of their special status, need to organise their curriculum to best reconcile studies and personal projects all throughout their academic career. 

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A quality work environment

ULiège is committed to offering its more than 5,000 workers - teachers, researchers, management, administrative and labour employees - a dynamic and quality work environment to all, regardless of their role, so that they can grow in their career and professional project. The skills and talents are valued in the context of career development.

A quality work environment at ULiège

A fulfilling lifestyle

Working, carrying out research, studying at ULiège, or simply spending time there means evolving within a multi-site and multi-city university which offers both green spaces and a dynamic urban anchorage. The wooded area of Sart Tilman, the teeming and friendly Liège city centre, the human size campuses of Gembloux and Arlon: so many diverse environments where life - learning, having fun, eating, getting around, residing or even playing sports - is in full swing!

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Campaign #RESPECT

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