he European Union's Erasmus+ programme is a funding scheme to support activities in the fields of Education, Training, Youth and Sport. It offers opportunities for :

  • individuals to spend a mobility or volunteering period abroad and to receive linguistic training in order to increase their competencies and foster their employability;
  • organisations to collaborate in project partnerships in order to develop cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices and to work together, to develop, share and transfer best practices and innovative approaches in the fields of education, training and youth

The Programme is made up of three so-called "Key Actions" and one additional action Jean Monnet. For a detailed information, please refer to the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.


Étudiants internationaux à l'ULiège

L'expérience ULiège au quotidien pour les étudiants internationaux.

Key Actions

The University of Liège takes part to numerous projects embedded in these Actions :

  • Key Action 1 which supports mobility in education and covers mainly the Erasmus mobility
  • Key Action 2 which targets cooperation among organizations and institutions. In this framework, ULiège takes part to the following programmes : 
    • Cooperation Partnerships (previously Strategic Partneships)
    • Partnerships for excellence, which include the Erasmus Mundus Action
    • Alliances for Innovation
    • Capacity building
    • Non for profit European sport events
  • Key Action 3 provides support to policy coperation at European Union level, thereby contributing to the development of new policies, which can trigger modernization and reforms in the fields of education, training, youth and sport.
  • Jean Monnet Actions contribute to spread knowledge about the European Union integration.

Beside the programmes detailed above, ULiege takes part to many projects in all theses actions :

Cooperation Partnerships (prev. Strategic Partnerships)

  • Bleteach : Blended learning in teachers’s professional developpement
  • OpenSpat : module international de formation continuée en analyse de données spatiales, coordinated by ULiège
  • Arte di leggere : alfabetizzazione e teatro in carcere
  • CerTIC : certification des acquis TIC
  • ISSAE3 : International summer school for the implementation of agroecology »
  • BIM Game : plateforme numérique d'apprentissage du BIM, basée sur un système de jeux de rôles qui correspondent aux différentes fonctions des acteurs d'un projet architectural
  • ENERMAN : Energy Management School 
  • Creation of a Language Centre network in the Greater Region as a model for a structured language learning system
  • SEGAE : Development of a serious game for digital learning in agroecology in Europe
  • BOSS : Business Opportunity Support System upgrade for strengthening European innovation ecosystem
  • 3MR : Making the most of the magic of reading
  • PIAF : Developpement de la pensée informatique et algorithmique dans l’enseignement fondamental
  • SimuCarePro-CRM : la simulation en santé et la gestion des ressources de crise pour augmenter l’efficacité des équipes pluridisciplinaires en formation initiale
  • EPEP : European prisoners Entrepreneurship
  • Brain@Work :  Information competence as booster for prospective scientists
  • Edina GoPro: teacher professionalization for migrant pupil education
  • Permaculture : creating new synergies between higher education and professionals to promote sustainable systems
  • Triangle
  • Euridentity : Certificate for the Greater Region students to learn more about Europe and its values
  • E-Safe : amelioration de la gestion et la qualité de la sécurité des soins en formation initiale et continue

    European Universities

    • UNIC : The European University of Post-Industrial Cities

    Alliances for Innovation (prev. Knowledge Alliances)

    • EOHUB  : European hub on new challenges in the field of essentials oils
    • A4i : Alliance for inclusive investment in social care & support

Capacity building

  • CHILDRN - Climate cHange dIplomacy, LeaDership and resilience
  • F-STEM : Training a new generation of entrepreneurs in sustainable agriculture and food engineering
  • EnRHEd : Enhancement of Rwandan High Education in strategic fields for sustainable growth
  • INDIGO : INternationalisation et Développement des Indicateurs pour une meilleure GOuvernance de l'enseignement supérieur guinéen
  • MINERVA : Strengthening Research Management and Open Science capacities of HEIs in Moldova and Armenia
  • YABDA  : Strengthening of relations between higher education and the wider economic and social environment
  • DIGITAQ - Création de Capacités Digitales pour le Pilotage de l'Assurance Qualité dans l'Enseignement Supérieur Algérien 
  • RE@WBC : Human resources strategy in the context of the European Charter for researchers in the Western Balkan Region
  • Asifood : Food safety and quality management. Zone Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodge
  • DAFRALI : défis sociétaux et gouvernance des universités africaines : le cas des aliments au Maroc, RDC et Sénégal
  • MADEEHI : « coopération et innovation pédagogique : eau-énergie-habitat à Madagascar »
  • EDUQAS : Implementation of Education Quality Assurance System via Cooperation of University-Business-Government in HEI


  • EMIS : Egalité, Mixité, Intégration par le sport
  • OBLOMOV : Obesity and Low Motility Victims – « physical short shocks » and  “theatre short stories” to convert inactive victims into HEPA social actors
  • BMC : Basic motor competencies in Europe – assessment and promotion

Jean Monnet Actions

  • EUMEDMI : Mapping European Mediterranean Migration Studies
International relations service

Strategic partnerships, Erasmus Mundus, Sport:
Catherine Dassis

Capacity Building:
Anne-Laure Villeminot

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