Prof. Pascal PONCIN

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University of Liège - Rectorate
Place du 20 Août, 7 (bât. A1)
4000 Liège


04 366 52 27

Pascal Poncin has been the First Vice-Rector of the University of Liège since 1st October 2022. In this capacity, he represents, or deputises for, the Rector on several boards and commissions.  He is also responsible for the development policy of the Gembloux and Arlon campuses, as well as the management of the Stareso (Corsica) and Mont-Rigi (Hautes-Fagnes) scientific stations.  In addition, the First Vice-Rector participates in discussions on governance, citizenship, finance and human resources. 

Pascal Poncin is a doctor in zoological sciences and a professor within the Faculty of Science at ULiège. He leads a research team in ethology and animal psychology, active in both basic and applied research, carrying out projects of international, national and regional scope.  He teaches biology, biological anthropology, ethology and animal psychology, and wildlife conservation.  He was Dean of the Faculty of Science from 2014 to 2022.  

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