Développement durable

Rêvons Liège 2030

Objectif : mobiliser, relier et fédérer tous les acteurs du territoire pour les inciter à créer de nouveaux imaginaires collectifs et des projets qui dessineront un futur désirable et durable pour Liège.

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International student

Admission of international students  

As of February 16, 2023

The online form for 2023-2024 applications is open. 

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With the support
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Training at ULiège  

Training in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles in all knowledge areas, many unique programmes, hundreds of training programmes throughout life. At ULiège, each journey is different.

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Cutting-edge research  

ULiège supports many talented researchers, creates new knowledge and promotes scientific advances within the company.

Research and Innovation

Public and multidisciplinary university  

Citizen-focused, ULiège wants to promote a diverse society respecting differences in gender, culture, status and opinions.

A Citizen University

1 University, 3 cities, 4 campuses  

ULiège blends the dynamism of urban life and the tranquillity of a green environment. An experience to be enjoyed every day.


The University of Liège in 120 seconds  

The University of Liege presents itself in a two-minute video.

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