The University of Liège is resolutely citizen-oriented resonating with the questions which are relevant to the City and engaged citizens throughout their life journey.

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Open to the City, ULiège favours forms of concrete and active citizenship, that puts into action the values that it promotes. This citizenship is expressed in the defence of causes and projects. On a daily basis, it is through the exchange and the sharing of knowledge that it lives, both on and off campus

Promoting Values

The University of Liège is the meeting point of multiple life paths. Each path is respected and every individual must be respected for his or her choice, conviction, opinion and orientation, be it their gender and abilities...ULiège wants to enable everyone to flourish and be their best.
It is through promoting encounters, through knowledge and engagement (political, social, associative, environmental, cultural...) that ULiège stimulates the creativity, boldness, awareness and responsibility of the members of its community.
These spaces for reflection, debates, action or mobilization are also the agoras where democracy lives, expresses itself and is renewed. They contribute to an active social cohesion, an essential cornerstone of living together, for the development of individuals and for social interactions between actors in the territories.


Several and diverse forms of engagement exist within the University of Liège, from student circles and inter-faculty associations (Amnesty, CHEL, Solidaire, political and cultural organizations...) to institutional actions, such as the platform for refugee support or the mobilisation in favour of freeing Hamid Babaei, a PhD student from Iran at HEC Liège who was unjustly imprisoned in his country. ULiège is also historically implicated in cooperation programmes.

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Share knowledge

Each day, the University of Liège fosters, debates, discoveries and exchange opportunities. Focused both on the academic community and citizens, anchored in the City and federation, the several ULiège "actors" - LIEGE Creative and LUXEMBOURG Creative, House of Human Sciences, Réjouisciences and UniverSud - enable everyone to expand their horizons and broaden their knowledge through forums, conferences, exhibitions and workshops.
ULiège networks all its actors from citizen and cultural life and the dissemination of sciences within a project under development for a Citizenship and Innovation platform.

updated on 4/4/24

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