Vice-Rector for Mobility and International Affairs

Prof. Pierre DUYSINX

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University of Liège - Rectorate
Place du 20 Août, 7 (bât. A1)
4000 Liège


Anne-Marie Vega
04 366 32 22

Pierre Duysinx has been the Vice-Rector for Mobility and International Affairs since 1st October 2022. In the field of transport to and from the ULiège campuses, his job is to coordinate and accelerate the implementation of the mobility plan in partnership with internal and external actors in a perspective of sustainability and reduction of greenhouse gases.   In the field of international affairs, his role is to propose and coordinate the policy of institutional collaboration in the sectors of teaching, research and community services in close collaboration with the actors in the field, the administrations and the institutions involved.  

Pierre Duysinx is a doctor in applied science and a professor at the ULiège Faculty of Applied Science in the field of land vehicle engineering. His research focuses on the design of future vehicles and the use of simulation and optimisation for the development of less energy-consuming propulsion systems.   He was previously Vice-President and then Chairman of the Department of Aerospace and Mechanics (2010-2016), Director of the Aerospace and Mechanics research unit (2016-2020) and Faculty Representative on the Board of Directors (2018-2022). 

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