Advisor to the Rector on Ethics and Equality Policies

Prof. Florence CAEYMAEX

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Florence Caeymaex has been the Advisor to the Rector on Ethics and Equality Policies since 1st October 2022. In this capacity, she is responsible for consolidating and expanding the University’s ethics and scientific integrity policy, and for pursuing the institutional strategy to combat discrimination and promote equality.

Florence Caeymaex is a doctor of philosophy and literature and a professor within the Department of Philosophy at ULiège. Within the political philosophy research centre (UR Traverses), she conducts research on contemporary ethics and on the contributions of feminist and gender theory in this field. Within the Faculty of Medicine, she has set up an ethics training program for students based on the critical resources of the medical humanities, i.e. humanities and social sciences studies in health. Since 2021, she has formed an interfaculty research team in medical humanities. She was President of the Ethics Committee in Humanities and Social Sciences (CESHS, 2016-2022), has been a member of the ULiège Council for Ethics and Scientific Integrity (CEIS) since 2016, and Vice President of the Belgian Bioethics Advisory Committee, of which she has been a member since 2006. She chairs the Gender and Equality Council of ULiège.

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