Prof. Rudi CLOOTS

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Rudi Cloots has been the Advisor to the Rector on Infrastructure since 1st October 2022. In this capacity, he steers the development and implementation of property and energy policies to meet the University's needs in a sustainable manner, in close collaboration with the Vice-Rector for Mobility, the property resources administration and the Infrastructure Commission. 

Rudi Cloots has a PhD in chemical sciences and is a professor at the ULiège Faculty of Sciences where he teaches general and organic chemistry. He heads the Greenmat laboratory, which develops and characterises inorganic materials in the form of powders, bulk materials and coatings in the fields of energy, environment and health.  He was previously Dean of the Faculty of Science (2009-2014), Vice-Rector for Research (2014-2018) and Vice-Rector for Infrastructure and Student Life (2018-2022) here at the University of Liege.

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