The Student Life Council was created within the University of Liège in January 2010 to develop actions for students at the University.



he mission of the CVE is to elaborate the guidelines of the action in favour of students at ULiège concerning all the questions which concern their daily lives (teaching, the student social sector, student infrastructures, university residences, restaurants, health...).

The CVE proposes to the Board of Directors, within the limits of the grants allocated for this purpose, the development of the University's student policy, notably with regard to the socio-cultural policy for students. In addition, it fixes the distribution and the amount of the subsidies intended for the social budget of the University.

The composition

The CVE is a joint body composed of:

  • the First Vice-Rector of ULiège ;
  • the Director for Student affairs ;
  • a member of the academic body, appointed by the Board of Directors ;
  • a member of the scientific body, appointed by the Board of Directors ;
  • four students, to the extent possible, from different faculties and representing various study cycles, designated by the Board of Directors, on the proposal of the members of the Student Council.

The following are permanent guests :

  • the Commissioner of the Government or his delegate ;
  • a member of Student Affairs.

The presidency is held by the first vice-rector, and the vice-president is one of the student representatives appointed by his or her peers. The secretariat is supported by a member of a Student affairs staff. The CVE invites to its meetings any competent person whose presence it considers useful for its work. It also initiates commissions and working groups on topics directly related to students. Among the issues dealt with: social policy at ULiège, the question of accommodation, the criteria used to grant success article 79, the problem of student circles, the measures to plan for the cost of studies, the increasing of library opening hours and study rooms...

The topics discussed, the proposals made and the decisions taken are accessible :




CURRENT Composition



The Student Life Council Secretary's Office

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