Work at ULiège : recruitment


he University of Liège employs around 5,000 people. Recruitment rules differ according to personnel categories. Job vacancies are published under job offers.

Recruitment procedures for management, administrative, technical, and worker personnel fall under the Human Resources Administration. The recruitment policy of academic and scientific personnel falls under the Academic Affairs Department.

To be hired for an indefinite period on the ULiège's regular budget, the candidate must have taken an examination according to a procedure defined by a jury appointed by the Board of Directors. There must be an already open permanent position. In order to meet specific requests, the Human Resources Administration makes temporary commitments through ULiège's regular budget.

A person who has been selected to occupy a position at ULiège must imperatively fill out a data sheet before being hired.

iconeDocument data sheet (electronic form)

iconeDocument data sheet (paper form)

Attention : It is important to carefully read your contract. Statutes and work patterns (holidays, advances, various terms...) vary considerably depending on the type of remuneration, the University's patrimony in the strict sense (regular budget) or by external services (research agreements, etc.).

The situation of persons paid by the University's patrimony in the strict sense of the term (regular budget) is regulated mainly by the Employment Contracts Act, but to a large extent they benefit from the provisions applicable to statutory personnel (pay scales, leave...).

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