1817: a university born before Belgium

A university born before Belgium


hile reorganising the higher education in the newly created United Kingdom of the Netherlands after the Napoleonic defeat of 1815, William I decided (decree of 25 September 1816) on the creation of three universities in its southern provinces: Ghent, Liège, and Leuven (Louvain). Thus the Academia Leodiensis was officially installed on 25 September 1817.

Its first rector is a doctor, Dr. Toussaint-Dieudonné Sauveur. While the Faculties of Medicine and Sciences are the simple renewal of what existed under the Empire, two other Faculties come about to complement them: Philosophy and Letters and Law. In this first year, 259 students flocked to the amphitheatres. The courses and exams were conducted exclusively in Latin. It was still under the Dutch regime, in 1825, that a school was created which would contribute to the reputation of our university: the "École des Mines".

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Elected in 2022, Professor Anne-Sophie Nyssen is the 63rd Rector of ULiège

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