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Because Verviers and Liège have much to discover together...

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Verviers-Liège, just 32 km separate the two major cities. There is more than this physical proximity that brings them together... There is a common history within the Principality of Liège as there was an early industrialization under the impetus of the same family (Cockerill). Now, there are the same challenges in economic redevelopment and the same openness toward multiculturalism... Like Liège, Verviers has added - and continues to contribute great names to the arts, the sciences, sports, as well as the social, economic and political life of our country.

The ULiège House in Verviers

Since 2004, the University of Liège has a location in Verviers and welcomes there future students during information-orientation sessions organised once per month. ULiège also hosts presentations on higher learning in several local schools.

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Les Grandes Conférences de l'ULiège à Verviers

Verviers, a dynamic and enterprising city, is looking toward the challenges of today and tomorrow. Since 2012, it hosts the University of Liège, its researchers and professors, for a programme of various activities, including the "Grandes Conférences de l'ULiège à Verviers", which takes place Mondays at 8 p.m. at the Espace Duesberg (free admission).

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ULiège-Verviers university space

Two course modules are organised by the ULiège-Verviers university space, in partnership with the University of Liège, the Department of Culture and the Department of Social Cohesion and the Integration of Verviers and its "Verts et Vifs" (Green and Loud) department. These modules include paid courses (€5/€2.50 for ULiège Alumni or "Verts et Vifs" members per session). The sessions take place on Mondays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics (rue Renier, 17 - 4800 Verviers).

  • "Développement territorial et Grand Verviers" From October 2017 to January 2018 - Coordinator: Pr. Jean-Marie Halleux
  • "Le grand Verviers: des premières traces jusqu'à l'âge d'or" From January to April 2018 - Coordinator: Pr. Jean-Louis Kupper.

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