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121 new FRS-FNRS research mandates at ULiège!


Every year, the National Fund for Scientific Research (F.R.S.-FNRS) awards grants to researchers from the universities of the Brussels Wallonia Federation so that they can devote themselves to their scientific research. Among the scholarships awarded this year, 121 are for researchers from ULiège. Congratulations to them!

The FRS-FNRS (Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique / Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research) is a non-profit foundation whose purpose is to promote scientific research in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation by granting grants to researchers to enable them to devote themselves to scientific research, and to institutions to enable them to equip or operate research units. For 90 years, the FNRS has contributed to the development of fundamental research in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation through its policy of encouraging scientific excellence and supporting researchers at various stages of their careers.

Research Fellow

Name Research unit Faculty
BAUDIN Louis GIGA Medecine
BONHOMME Maëlle FARAH Veterinary medicine
BOTTE Marien Geology Sciences
BOULAKIS Paradeisios GIGA Medecine
CARDONE Paolo GIGA Sciences
COLINET Mathilde GIGA Medecine
DELANDMETER Mathieu TERRA Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech
DEPOORTERE Pauline TERRA Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech
DOURTE Marine GIGA Psychology, Speech and Language therapy Logopédie & Education
DUBOIS Maxime GIGA Sciences
GLAUDE Robin UEE School of Engineering
GUSTIN Archibald Cité Law, Political Science & Criminology
ILENIA Paparella GIGA Medecine
JOISTEN Sophie A&M School of Engineering
KAISIN Mathilde Transitions Philosophy & Letters
KHARROUBI Abderrazzaq Sphères Sciences
LAMBY Thomas Mathematics Sciences
LEMOINE Philippine GIGA Medecine
LORENZON Luca Mondes anciens Philosophy & Letters
MIROLO Sébastien InBioS Sciences
PETRELLIS Georgios FARAH Veterinary medicine
PIOT Christina L&L Philosophy & Letters
REDEGHIERI Paola InBioS Sciences
RIETHOF Shana Cité Law, Political Science & Criminology
RIZZOLI Elodie FARAH Veterinary medicine
VANDEGAR Maxime Montefiore School of Engineering

Research Fellow – Renewal

Name Research unit Faculty
BAUDOUX Gaëlle URA Architecture
COUTISSE Kathleen Montefiore School of Engineering
D'AES Tine GIGA Medecine
DELHASSE Alison Sphères Sciences
FÉVRIER Vincent Cité Law, Political Science & Criminology
GILLARD Lucie FARAH Veterinary medicine
HOUBART Michel Montefiore School of Engineering
JOISTEN Céline Cité Law, Political Science & Criminology
JOUSTEN Andy Cité Law, Political Science & Criminology
KOVETSKAIA Aleksandra GIGA Medecine
KUNYSZ Pavel URA Architecture
MERCIER Clémence Traverses Philosophy & Letters
MORTAHEB Sepehr GIGA Medecine
MÜLLER Wendy MolSys Sciences
OTSUYA Kaori Transitions Philosophy & Letters
REGNIER Cindy Cité Law, Political Science & Criminology
RENARD Juliette Cité Law, Political Science & Criminology
RICOUR Florian FOCUS Sciences
STEVENNE Chloe InBioS Sciences
TASHKEEV Aleksandr GIGA Veterinary medicine
THÉATE Thibaut Montefiore School of Engineering
TURCHETTO Silvia GIGA Medecine

Medical Doctor Applicant to an MSc and a Ph.D

Name Research unit Faculty
COLLÉE Julie GIGA Medecine
EL MOUSSAOUI Majdouline GIGA Medecine
LEEMANS Charlotte GIGA Medecine
SIMONET Arnaud GIGA Medecine
VOGEL Lindsay GIGA Medecine

Medical Doctor Applicant to an MSc and a Ph.D – Renewal

Name Research unit Faculty
DAUBY Solène GIGA Medecine
LAMBERT Nicolas GIGA Medecine
POLEUR Margaux GIGA Medecine

Medical Doctor Applicant to an MSc and a Ph.D – 2nd renewal

Name Research unit Faculty
MEYER François GIGA Medecine

Postdoctoral Researcher

Name Research unit Faculty
BLANCHY Guillaume UEE School of Engineering
BOSE Chandan A&M School of Engineering
BULDGEN Gaël STAR Sciences
CHRISTIAENS Valentin STAR Sciences
DELAUNAY Sylvain GIGA Medecine
DERWAEL Stéphanie AAP Philosophy & Letters
DUBOURG Ninon Transitions Philosophy & Letters
DUPUIS david PsyNCog Psychology, Speech and Language therapy Logopédie & Education
EHX Grégory GIGA Medecine
FERON Alexandre Traverses Philosophy & Letters
FETTWEIS Gregory GIGA Sciences
GAZAGNE Eva Sphères Sciences
GÉRARDY Romaric MolSys Sciences
GIOMI Riccardo L&L Philosophy & Letters
GIRI Subhajit GIGA Medecine
GIVORS Martin IRSS Social sciences
GUIJARRO ARRIBAS Delia Traverses Philosophy & Letters
HAMAMI Yacin Traverses Philosophy & Letters
HANOZIN Emeline MolSys Sciences
KOROMA Matthieu GIGA Medecine
LORON Corentin Astrobiology Sciences
MAHY Julien Chemical engineering School of Engineering
MOCHTARI DE PIERREPONT Zacharie Transitions Philosophy & Letters
NYS Gwenael CIRM Medecine
PAROTTE Céline Cité Law, Political Science & Criminology
PRZYBYLA-TOSCANO Jonathan InBioS Sciences
RAZE Ghislain A&M School of Engineering
ROLAND Fleur FOCUS Sciences
STARING Nico Mondes anciens Philosophy & Letters
TOUZÉ Olivier AAP Philosophy & Letters
VALERO HUERTA Daniel UEE School of Engineering
VILLETTE Claire GIGA School of Engineering

Research associate

Name Research unit Faculty
GEURTEN Marie PsyNCog Psychology, Speech and Language therapy Logopédie & Education
HENDRICKX Kim Cité Law, Political Science & Criminology
LAGUESSE Sophie GIGA Medecine
THIBAUT Aurore GIGA Medecine
VANDERPLANCK Maryse TERRA Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech

Research Director

Name Research unit Faculty
CORNIL Charlotte GIGA Medecine
DONDERO Maria Giulia Traverses Philosophy & Letters
NGUYEN Laurent GIGA Medecine
PHILLIPS Christophe GIGA School of Engineering

Senior Research Associate

Name Research unit Faculty
ABSIL Olivier STAR Sciences
BARTH Alexander FOCUS Sciences
BASTIN Christine GIGA Medecine
CORSWAREM Emilie Transitions Philosophy & Letters
FETTWEIS Xavier Sphères Sciences
HAGELSTEIN Maud Traverses Philosophy & Letters
HANSON Julien GIGA Medecine
LEPOINT Gilles FOCUS Sciences
POLIS Stéphane Mondes anciens Philosophy & Letters

Ulysse Incentive Grant for Mobility in Scientific Research

Name Research unit Faculty
LASSANCE Jean-Marc - -
VIATOUR Patrick - -

Clinical Master Specialist Applicant to a Ph.D.

Name Research unit Faculty
HARVENGT Julie GIGA Medecine

Post-doctorate Clinical Master Specialist - Renewal

Name Research unit Faculty
ERPICUM Pauline GIGA Medecine
LOMBARD Arnaud GIGA Medecine

Veterinary MD. Ph.D. Student

Name Research unit Faculty
LOUBLIER Clémence FARAH Veterinary medicine

Veterinary MD. Ph.D. Student - Renewal

Name Research unit Faculty
DUPONT Julien FARAH Veterinary medicine

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